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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crying All Night

So all night I have been crying from being overwhelmed. I just got married on Saturday which was so amazing,but then my daughter finally decided to move in with me and it isoverwhelming, I feel unworthy of being her mother. I also had a damn binge from hell today and that screwed me up. I am also detoxing from Morphine, a pain medication I was taking for a while. It has been a very long and painful process but the cold sweats are gone finally. But damn, my ED brain is punishing me. "You lazy bitch" "Get the fuck up and do something NOW!" When I am in excruciating pain. I tell ED brain "hey I know I have at least 60 pounds to go here, and I am doing it but I am sick and I can barely move, do you have mercy?" "I have no mercy on pathetic peices of crap." Ugh...I can't take it! I feel like jumping off a cliff! End it all....

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